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Record Company/Distribution - Leith - Edinburgh

We will search far and wide to bring you the best new Electronica music on cd. We are not afraid to bring out new music and have an independent stance and pioneering spirit .
Some of our acts also have a strong live focus. For more detailed info it`s always best to check our news page regularly.

ATRCD20201 Snakestyle & Tove Aradala, avalable March 27th Listen here!

In stock : buy here Snakestyle & Tove Aradala Nordic Patterns £9.99


Wonderful Life is the latest single from Leith Bass Team. The single is a follow up from the Nature Flow album which has clocked up millions of streams on Spotify.The track Monday Jazzfunker has been playlisted by Spotify on the Jazztronica playlist. The track features vocals from Shuna Lovelle and live sax chops from Anna Sax.. They have also been playlisted by Spotify Japan. Leith Bass team have charted in many territories and on various platforms such as iTunes. 



Get Marvin Wilson Ings Bridge cd here! £6.99 plus postage £1.99 U.K Package & Postage!

Marvin Wilson releases his 5th album on Alex Tronic Records.
He was signed to the label at the outset and has remained a firm favourite through the years.
He has been featured on many Goa Beach compilations in partnership with ATR & Kontor distribution.
As usual Ings Bridge was recorded live in one take as with all his recordings. Equipment used on the album is all vintage. It includes classics such as
Tascam, Revox, Roland, Korg Minipops, Moogs, Mellotrons etc.
We think it is the best album so far so it is has been pressed on CD and will be available on all main digital outlets.

ATR Label News April 2019

Alex Tronic releases his new single `A voice for the Silent` on April 8th 2019

“The music is mellow and soothing. In contrast the message is serious. I think we have achieved that said Paul to his distributors at Believe Digital Marketing. “Also It is really exciting to work on a track which is aim is not to preach but to make people more aware of the environment, animal rights and our responsibility to every living entity on the planet.”
Michael (Worobec) the artist who designed the cover and myself had various discussions on pointless celebrities, narcissism and the reckless attitude of Trump to our planet. We decided on a bright but dark piece of digital art in keeping with his style and aesthetics and the difficult subject matter of animal slaughter.
I was very pleased with his original artwork and also how the track turned out with Philip Wollen`s words embedded in the music."


Alex Tronic ft Shuna Lovelle Brave About It Ep

The eagerly anticipated new album by Alex Tronic V Leith Bass Team Nature Flow ,Click to listen !


We are pleased to the announce two new releases by Marvin Wilson-Music for the Midnight Cafe & the long awaited album by Alex Tronic V Leith Bass Team -Nature Flow. Grab the cd here!


Buy Here! ATR CD216 Alex Tronic v Leith Bass Team Cd.


Get the Marvin Wilson album Music For the Midnight Cafe Here



       Buy Here!

Ibiza for International Music Summit & Wide Days.

We will be heading to Wide Days Edinburgh this month and Ibiza next month for the International Music Summit .Both have excellent speakers notably The Pet Shop Boys & Yello and Ritchie Hawtin at IMS & producer Youth at Wide Days

On May 25th to 27th, IMS will host rare public speaking appearances from the legendary Pet Shop Boys and Yello, which will both be interviewed by Pete Tong (MBE). Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Seth Troxler and many more will sit alongside industry icons, including representatives of Space Ibiza, Warner Music Group,


Goa Beach Volume 28

 Artists snakestytle ,Planet 88,Marvin Wilson and Alex Tronic have tracks on this cd .

Debut ep from Edinburgh collective Leith Bass Team : Get Here!


Goa Beach 27 Double CD , This product features 10 Alex Tronic Records tracks .Available on YSE Records .

Neu Gestalt CD Inside the Rain Chamber


Buy Neu Gestalt Inside the Rain Chamber Digipack on CD

ATRCD185 : Buy Here

Goa Beach Volume 25

Compiled by DJ Bim and Alex Tronic .ATR and YSE Records project

ATR will be attending the sixth annual International Music Summit

hosted by Pete Tong from 21-23rd of May in Ibiza Hard Rock hotel.


Praxis Omega debut on ATR this month



Dirt Diamond :Styles For About a Mile Album 21/04/2014

Alex Tronic Recvords colabrorate with YSE Records on GOA BEACH VOL. 23 is again a powerful, double CD edition packed with the finest GOA Trance and 12 finest Lounge Music Productions,
a well tried and tested concept which has been proven to be very successful amongst our loyal followers.
This is the perfect entry point to 2014 and this time, it has been compiled by DJ Bim and Alex Tronic (Alex Tronic Records /UK),
you can‘t find anyone better for the job with top acts such as Egorythmia, Techyon vs Soulearth, Lifeforms, Skyfall or Snakestyle feat. Ranking Roger, Alex Tronic, Marvin Wilson, Phobotronic.
GOA BEACH VOL. 23 will please your body and soul.
Another quality release on YELLOW SUNSHINE EXPLOSION!

1. Egorythmia - We Can Fly
(Hi Profile Remix)
2. Mindwave - Insight
3. N.A.S.A - Fractured
4. Opposite8 - Cross Platform
5. Suntree - Life On Earth
6. Side Effects - The Second LSDeep (Sideform Remix)
7. Techyon vs Soulearth - Pineal Gland
8. Lifeforms - Sub Standards
9. Skyfall - Freefall

1. Snakestyle feat. Ranking Roger - Future Dub
2. Alex Tronic - Cosmic Dream
3. Leith Bass Team - Magical Float
4. Neu Gestalt - Abandoned Cities
5. Marvin Wilson - Sonic Adventurers
6. Marvin Wilson - Imagine Instead
7. Alex Tronic feat. Kirsty Brown - Send Me Five Dollars
(5 Dollar Remix)
8. Becki Bardot - Summer of Love (Extended Mix)
9. Phobotronic - Source De Vie
10. Snakestyle feat. Mike Embleton - Space Lounge (Extended Mix)
11. Alex Tronic feat. Ǻsa Seljestad- Fated Stars (Cavernous Mix)
12. Cosway - DeluxSee More


Alex Tronic Records Latest News

Alex Tronic: Shifting Sands OUT NOW!

Shifting Sands - Alex Tronic  Buy Here

Becki Bardot: Summer of Love EP OUT NOW!

Summer of Love - EP - Becki Bardot  Buy Here

Pandacetamol: Geometric OUT NOW!

Geometric - Pandacetamol  Buy Here

Cosway: Artificial EP

Artificial  Buy Here

Pixlface: The Human Language EP

The Human Language - EP - Pixlface  Buy Here

ATR artists Alex Tronic and Snakestyle appear on the compilation album 'Shanti Lounge' - YSE223 Released 2010.

distributed through Edel Kontor and Millenium Records.

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