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Keser have a new single Moon House a available 21/08/2012 and a long

awaited third album Audeamus to follow 21/09/2012 .


Moon House :Keser

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Keser :Audeamus Album Sept 21/2012




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Check out the new album: Esoteric Escape out NOW!

Keser are a Scottish band from Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland. The name Keser was chosen from a graffiti tag seen around Edinburgh. Keser consists of Gavin Clark and Kevan Whitley, and they debuted in 2005. According to Is this music? magazine, they "achieve in their tracks a new sound drenched in guitar-based electronica...they are able to explore the syntax of electronica with awe and excitement". Keser fuse an experimental, unique guitar style with synthesised beats resulting in a progressive form of guitar-based electronica. They are signed to UK indie label Alex Tronic Records, and have released three albums to date, Esoteric Escape, Robo Ghost, and Audeamus. When performing live, Keser lean towards an instrumental, heavy, distorted and energetic approach but will also perform quieter ambient textures within their music. This musical dynamic draws comparisons to genres like shoegaze, art rock, metal and post rock. Their live set up involves electric guitar, bass, keyboards, drum machines, effects, samplers and a laptop.

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The Skinny- Keser- Robo_Ghost Album

If Martin Hannett had lived to see 2009, I’m sure he’d have loved to produce an album like Robo_Ghost. As it happens, Keser have done a pretty good job without him. The dub-eyed urban soundscapes that Hannett unleashed with Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures are translated in the modern vernacular; on 3 Point Play (Set Piece), robotic beats are pumped out of drum machines rather than kits, whilst blasts of white noise replace boxy punk power chords. Amongst this post-rock ambience, however, there’s a track with enough pop appeal that it seems oddly bereft of a lead vocal: the deceivingly




daft-titled Acts of Dog. Starting out like an early U2 ballad, the song is soon blitzed by a bombing raid of dangerously dirgy guitars before succumbing to a blissful fadeout. It's a collection so image-laden that it dares you to write a dystopian movie screenplay, just so it can provide the soundtrack. [Joe Barton]

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