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Roy's Iron DNA - Men In Wax Jackets

ATR CD 037

SOUNDCHECK The Daily Record NOVEMBER 2 - Roys Iron Dna

SOUNDCHECK have been big supporters of this band since they were Ordinary Son.
With a new name (it's an anagram puzzle fans) Ian Thompson -singer/guitars/beats has upped the ante for the Edinburgh-based band.
The album will be helped by its release on fizzing-electro label Alex Tronic Records home of Keser and AsA.
With Ian's in-tune Ian Brown blissed-out voice and chilled out beats this is an album for down tempo moments or the ironing. Album opener Steppin' On has been flown in from Ibiza with its great lyric: 'what do you think we are?/some kind of wannabe/some kind of celebrity" How many clubbers have thought that of each other?
Quite simply this is a fantastic album. It mixes beats, breaks, trip hop, eighties synth and chill-out as well as any of the chart stars you can name.
For those who like to dance, even in your living room, this is essential.
Their album Men In Wax Jackets is out on Monday.
The band play Po Na Na, Edinburgh tomorrow (Sat).

Roy’s Iron DNA
A band at obvious right angles to the trebly guitar wielding, drainpipe wearing, side-shed sporting indie spods but that’s what makes their brooding racket so appealing. Like The Beta Band on serious downers, they conjure up the same spooky dread as Massive Attack’s Mezzanine with a bit less paranoia with a sound that blends all manner of wobbly, quaking electronic trinkets with understated live instrumentation. At the heart of this stramash however, are songs. Good songs.
The Hive, Edinburgh, Fri 30 Nov; King Tut’s, Glasgow, Sun 2 Dec. The album Men in Wax Jackets is out now on Alex Tronic Records.

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voy`s Iron DNA -men in wax jackets review ,Is this Music Magazine

Men In Wax Jackets (Alex Tronic) There’s a very Stone Roses-esque swagger to this album. This works beautifully, as there’s a real groove on display here. There’s a lovely, moody undercurrent to the songs here, making this an album of real force and power. Fierce, vibrating basslines shake the floor from under your feet while songs like ‘Silent Majority’ have hooks that linger in the brain long after the disc has finished spinning. This alone should make the album appeal to those of us who crave something a little deeper and darker in our sounds. Unlike many recent debutantes, who have crammed all of their best ideas onto one disc, in the hope that they’ll work, the strengths here are pace and measurement. These guys sound like they mean business. This is an album of real heart, venom and power, which deserves to be heard by as wide an audience as possible.

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