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Alex Tronic Records Studio

Our Recording Studio has been featured this month in Future Music Magazine`s and Music Radar `s website as No4 in their chart of favourite studios, We have recently moved our location and are very happy in our new site .

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Our Vintage Sondcraft 32 channel desk

Alex Tronic Records has access to its own studio facility in central Edinburgh which is now available to hire for the right projects. We Have a large format 32 channel vintage Soundcraft Mixing console and Genelec monitors,We also have Yamaha NS10`s and Alesis monitors plus a subwoofer.



Desk top
Athlon 64 3700processsor
8 Gig ram
Cdr drives. DvD Writer


2x Hp G56 + Windows 7 Os Celeron dual core 4 gig Ram
Dell Inspiron 9400 Intel pentium Centrino duo 4 2.6 Ghz .1 Gig ram 80gb 5400rpm Ultra ATA/100HDD dvd/cd-rw drive .

Toshiba Saphire Laptop

1040 ste SM 124 monochrome monitor.

Sound interface

Echo Gina 24/96 Card 16 outs,includes Adat Interface

Focusrite Saphire Soundcard .

Traktor Audio 6 By Native Instruments

2x M-Audio Sonica Theater 7.1 Surround sound soundcards
Kenton midi/cv gate
Midisport 2x2, Joe Meek compression. Behringer 1100 di boxes

Focusrite Penta /Di Pre /Stereo Compressor,Behringer Hum Destroyer.

3 X FMR Really nice compressor (It`s amazing performance is why many professionals are calling the RNC one of the best sounding compressors for under $2000
1x THC Fat Filter Resinator

4x Stereo Behringer compressors 1x Behringer Composer

10 input Di Box

Drum Machines
Cheetah Md 16 rackmount Roland 909,808,707,606, Quasimidi Raveolution 309 Alesis hr16 ,Alesis Sr 16 Yamaha Rx 21 Sr88 Zoom 246 Streetbox Electribe EA1 R ,Boss 505

Efx Processors

THC Filter

Electrix Filter ,Electrix Tweeker ,

Vintage Analouge Delay , 2x Zoom 1201 modules

Studio projects VTB1 mic preamp

4 Sonefex Mic Preamps

2x Numark400 CDJDecks + 4 Channel Mixer

Drum Kit

We have a studio drumkit available plus cymbals and stands and hihats ,We also have a set of Conginas and a military deep marching snare drum.

Two Simmons pads for triggering samples or Cheetah

Rode, Octava, Shure, T-Bone & Unidyne all good for vocals and instruments

Extra Drum Microphones

  • 1 x Session Master D717 Bass drum microphone, with high SPL handling, internal shock mount with tailored frequency for kick drum

  • 2 x Session Master/Eagle 158 snare/tom microphones, with rubber shock mount,& tailored frequency for drums

  • 2 x rim clamps for mounting on snare/tom rims as required.

Emu Esi 32   Emu Esi 2000 fully loaded Emu 5000

Keyboards Synths /Modules
Korg Electribe ,Korg M1, Microkorg vocoder, Roland Juno 106, Juno 6 Juno 1,JX3P,SH101,Casio Cz 101, Gen String Machine Novation Supernova x 64pro,JD8800 Synth,,Roland U220,Roland D110,Roland JX1,Roland JP3

Seil Cruise Crumar Roadrunner

Mixers + Monitors
Soundcraft 1600b 32 channel desk circa 1984 , Yamaha O2R ,Genelec active monitors,

Yamaha Ns10 Monitors Monitor audio, Samson Control C1 , Mackie 120402 submixer if necessary

Behringer Subwoofer that goes all the way down to 32hz .

CDR,Iomega zips 250 x2, Frome hdd,2x apple cdroms Sony cassette Technics cd , 500Gig External Wd Drive USB 2

Recent Clients/Bands

Yoyo Honey,snakestyle ,Stagger Rats ,Neu Gestalt ,Young Sweeney T ,MetalTech,The Fables,BravoFox ( Pacha DJ ) , Becki Bardot,Capital 1212 Records y,Shauny T ,Rhyme Rite ,Dangerman ,Rieser AsA ,Keser,Alan Windram , Alex Tronic,Roys Iron DNA , Blessed Order of Fallen Stars ,Marvin Wilson, Binary Zero , are a few of the bands and artists that have been recorded over recent months . Corporate recording projects including voiceover work for Glen Livet Distillaries,BBC Radio 1 ,Debenhams, Alpha Translation and meditation cds for Melchisadech healing expert Carol Watson . MyTV Online .Scottish Council for Independent Schools amongst others.




Recording Studio

ÅsA Album Reviews

Album Review by Jimmy Logan

Music for centuries has served a multitude of different purposes. Back in the middle ages, it was part of an "oral tradition". In which it was used to convey news of heroic deeds and similar tales to lighten up the souls of the common good folk. Part of its purpose was to deliver news to the masses. Bear in mind, in those days, very few could read. This was the one of the few forms of communicating with the outside world - singers, musicians and the growing band of "Holy" men being another.

In this modern age we are bombarded by 24/7 blanket news coverage. We're fed an hourly diet of war, flood, famine, death and destruction, along with the exploits of the talent-less and falsely famous with little in the way of good news. It is an age where things appear to change minute by minute. One thing stands true to the test of time. Music still offers an escape for those willing to succumb to its charms.

This album carries on this musical tradition. On/Off by Åsa (pronounced Orsa) offers the listener pure delightful escapism. If you like to close your eyes, open your ears and free your mind in pools of relaxation. Then this album may be just the tonic for you. The combined talents of Åsa Seljestad , Paul Croan have created a body of music that is overloaded with imagery, it will transport the willing listeners to far off wondrous places.

From its' opening bars. On/Off is a beautifully constructed and thoughtfully prepared album. Seljestad's Ciccone-esque vocals coupled with Croan and Windram's imaginative, skilfully, multi-layed electronic sound-scapes; work together with an exquisiteness that you cannot fail to notice. They compliment each other with an almost innate understanding. This no more apparent than in the songs "Breathe Again" and " Superflygirl." The former may place you adrift heading for a rocky coastline or may even as it did with me, take you to a castle top by a loch with an eerie yearning voice filling the mist-covered valley below. While you picture a scene in your mind, behind the vocals cometh electronic bagpipes chased by a wild wailing banshee loop that alludes to the danger leaping up from below. A fantasy driven track that is another measure of the aforementioned successful collaboration and all round musical inventive partnership.

While the latter "Superflygirl" is trip-hopping, honey dripping slice of temptation. It will have the strong and weak alike willing to sample the fruit of this (dare I say it…) forbidden forest. Sheer musical temptation, to rank along side that Birkin and Gainsbourg erotic classic, a masterclass in feminine seduction reminiscent of a kiss giving epic.

In "Fallen Angel" the merest of electronic hints is enough to take you off to eastern lands where a sinister twist awaits.

Whilst "Amsterdam" affords your mind's eye a journey through this most of liberal location. Blinking headlights and flashing neons colouring the background of this animated instrumental track. That is what makes this album enjoyable and clever. It just takes the simplest of hints to transport you away. This album weaves a full emotional tapestry. On/Off truly is deserving of a world-wide stage.

Del Naja and Co it could be argued lead the field in chilled trip hop. However, Åsa will turn you ON and take you OFF somewhere into the distance reaches of your imaginations. That cannot be a bad thing.

Music/Records Album Review -The List Magazine Edinburgh

Named after their Norwegian/Welsh singer and lyricist Åsa Seljestad, Edinburgh based-outfit are a trio, completed by producer Alex Tronic and a man known only as Mysterious Baz.
Seljestad has a breathy vocal style that melds jazz and a more familiar electronic diva styling. Think Beth Gibbons, Alison Goldfrapp with a bit more reserve, or even Kate Bush on a quiet day. Musically, songs like 'Traditional Arms', the drum and bass driven 'This Machine' and the somnambulant 'Feel Alone' are damn's clearly a lovingly created package, placing ÅsA alongside the likes of Zero 7 or Lamb".......

Album Review from Norwegian Newspaper Haugesunds Avis, Norway (Truls Horvei)

"Åsa Seljestad is the lead singer of Electronica trio ÅsA who are based in Edinburgh.
Their debut album "On/Off" is definately worth listening to especially Seljestad's distinctive voice and lyrics which play an essential part. She can sometimes sound Björk esque but definately has her own special style. The vocals are wrapped in a melodic electronica filled with sound effects beats and rolling soundscapes.
Sometimes a dim light runs through these songs and at other times they are dark and sensual....
"On/Off" at it's best is a great album release".

Album Review by Rick Fulton Daily Record U.K
ASA On/Off

WITH Goldfrapp's Oh La La in every trendy advert going, this Edinburgh-based three-piece electro outfit are surely hoping there is a move for more femalefronted synth pop. Singer Asa Seljestad owes much to Shara Nelson, the singer who sang on Massive Attack's Unfinished Sympathy before releasing her own solo album What Silence Knows. First track True Perfection sounds very like Nelson's Down That Road, with angst-ridden lyrics and the trip hop made famous by early Massive Attack. Of the 11 tracks it's when the trio hit the bmps they show most promise - as on This Machine or stand-out track Breathe Again.

Alex Tronic Reviews


Koyote Records Press Release

Alex Tronic has released and licenced music to many labels notably Koyote/Peyote Records and Cherry Red Records . He has also dabbled in scoring the music for film and TV. His seminal Obsessional/Mind Matters disc is still attracts enquiries 6 yrs later.We have decided to put a unreleased mp3 on the site while we develope our label release shedule. Famed for his laid back grooves the man is currently working on some tunes that will be announced soon!

Alex Tronic Reviews

"Chilled Breakbeat Bliss".

Future Music

Hip hop meets ambient in this exciting production, with 'Mindmatters', being filled with suprises. Have Joy Division ever been sampled in a breaks track? I doubt it"

The List Magazine

"Alex Tronic is like pulling a great white fluffy duvet over yourself"

Cooled Magazine

"A dazzling trip through soulfull sounds, is the best way to describe Alex Tronic. It will wash over you as you sit back and chill. A new beginning, a turning point in musical education. Euphoric, warm and very original"

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