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Pockets of Resistance

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 Pockets of resistance have a debut album which will be available from this website and all digital providers such as itunes Napster Tunetribe, Hmv Digital ,Tunetribe from Monday the 26th June . It is currently picking up strong radio plays globally and positive reviews . This album has been described by The Daily Record`s Rick Fulton as " a blissed -out electro feast. A perfect ambient album for chilled out summer afternoons or listening to in Ibiza after those all-nighters"

pockets of resistance Climate Change ATRCD012

Begins with the sublime dreamy ambient beats of `Duality `, whose melodies and lush atmospherics are redolent of prime Future Sound of London . It focusses on techno ,dubby and downbeat with a distinctly 90s feel . Worth the price of entry for track one alone though;

Ben Murphy Dj Magazine

Mint Track- `Duality ` Jan 07 Issue 431

THIS is the debut album from pockets of resistance which is actually an alais for Edinburgh DJ/Producer Arch Campbell .

It`s a blissed out electro feast . A perfect ambient album for chilled out summer afternoons or listening to in Ibiza after those all -nighters . There are no quick two minute stompers her . Album opener Duality ,at just under nine minutes and sounds like a horror film sound track filled with menace and paranoia, while Hanging Garden is like a great lost George Harrison track filled with wailing stretched out sitars .Dynasty ,with it`s Happy Mondays-style piano is an ambient Madchester remix.It blends into the clubby Plastic,with its driving poptastic rhythms that remind you of Underworld . Dance of Death is trance ,ramping up the beats .

Rick Fulton The Daily Record

Metro News Mon June 19th 2006

Producers collective Pockets of Resistance release the hypnotic debut album Climate Change next Monday on Edinburgh`s Alex Tronic Records. You can download samples from the website and ten percent of the price goes to Amnesty International.

Nadine McBay

Pockets Of Resistance releases its debut album on the newly emerging Scottish Record Label, Alex Tronic Records. DJ/Producer Arch Campbell is the man behind Climate Change, a moody album of slow electronic grooves.
The album opens with the laid back vex of Duality, where crisply programmed beats play to a rumbling bassline and sulking synth tones. Hanging Garden is darker, with creaking synths atop a woozy bassline and tingling percussion – again conjuring up an interesting atmosphere.
Dynasty is listener-friendly; a chill-out track with bright piano tones striking over lapping beats and shadowy background synths and sounds. Plastic then changes tack completely, with fast-paced club beats and techno-style spectral tones spiralling around sampled female vocal bursts.
Climate Change is certainly an eclectic album, shifting moods wildly, as Bunker dips into more ambient territories, with shadowy synth reverbs flitting across piano spills and more sampled, chopped-up vocal snippets.
 The remainder of the album flirts with  moody atmospheric tracks, bathed in reverbed speech samples, and closes with End Of…, an enjoyable chillout instrumental, enhanced by Chris Coyne’s tenor sax bursts.
Barcode Magazine

POCKETS OF RESISTANCE Climate Change CD, AlexTronic Records, 2006

Pockets Of Resistance is a project by the Scottish producer Alex (Arch) Campbell. It is his goal to mix dance and ambient. The cd begins quite well and builds up in “Duality”: a fine atmosphere and not too fussy rhythms. It sounds a bit like the music Ian Boddy makes nowadays. The slightly jazzy “Hanging Garden” is also a nice track. After this, the music becomes much more simple: a dance rhythm here, a piano there. Much too standard. In “Dance Of Death” the rhythms are raised. “The Sunshine Days” and “End Of…” are more quiet but could, with vocals, suit MTV. .

Paul Rijkens E-dition Magazine Netherlands


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